17 June 2008

Pain(t)ball?! @ Tanamera

I was in KL over the weekend for Father's day and the day before that I found myself in Tanamera Paintball Park in Sungai Buloh getting shot at from all angles!

Let me recap on my day there... It all started bright and early that Saturday morning... as usual I slept late and woke up early (Football Euro Cup on mar... :) ). I thought to myslef this is gonna be a great day!! Breakfast at Burker King (mmmm... good!!! ) and then Paintball with my friends for the day!

Got myself to Sungai Buloh Jejantas Rest stop at 8.30am... hurried myself to the newspaper stand - eh! Not open yet! nevermind... BK here I come!! walked all the way in towards the restaurant passed KFC... slowed down.. cos it was getting darker and the lights dimmer... eh why lar?? and when i reached i saw the sign on the door... operating hours 9.00a.m - 11.00pm. WHAT?!?! KNNCCB!! I thought it was 24 hours? FARK!!! DIU!!! oklor... KFC i went... had the breakfast set... nothing to talk abt...

Nevermind... the day will get better... my friends will be coming for paintball... :P

When everyone came... by everyone i meant 2 other lawyers and 2 other Engineers (I know.. SO MANY RITE?!) I found out some p**sy fellas all never come liao... (hahaha... yes u Ricky boy!)

So anyway, It was off we go to the land of pain(t)ball! YAY!! Took us another 20 mins or so to get to where it was. Damn far wei... got ourselves signed in (i.e. signed our life away) and paid for it too! :P got our marker and face mask. I decided to be brave (cheap) and not get the body armour. I have ERS (Energy Rebound System) on me already - its called fat!! No need the armour! and we were ready to go!! Raring to go more like it! YEAH!! Lets shoot some ppl!
THEN I saw my opponents... full camouflage gear, body kit, custom markers which looked DAMN KAU NICE and good! Extra pellets casing, walkie talkies AND ear pieces. I thought to myself... die lor... WHAT have I got myself into?? Can I get a refund??? Please??? pretty please?
Then it was off we go!! First up.. Viet Cong! Last man Standing man!!! Shoot to kill!! Yeah! pfft.. pfft.. pfft... (x10) at the guy in the tree nearby. Who turns and sees me and pfft! This is what happened -

One bloody shot from the guy and I have a head shot. The game lasted me all of 30 seconds! Woohoo!! yeah... i know... 30 secs???

Suffice to say it got better... I lasted abt 2 mins the next time! and then longer and longer. The secret? Don't be a hero lar... not with the rental marker. Sure die wan! :) An eg. of the markers and in comparison with custom markers...
The Rental Marker and mask

Lynn's "Ed" marker

All in all, I had a great time... Played Paintball from 10 to about 5pm... It was awesome! Lynn, Seira, Leesh... when is the next one!! I wanna play again!!! Oh and btw.. it cost me only RM85 and i didn't even finish the pellets!