02 August 2011

Its been a while...

I just realised that with the many things going on in my life I've neglected to update my blog for almost a year already. don't know if I should even continue to run a blog? As it is I am running the Perak Bar Blog and Website (Coming Soon) as well as a soon to be Perak Turf Tennis Fraternity blog. I barely have time to keep up much less run a blog anymore...

Anyway as some or maybe most of you might have known - I'm officially hitched! :) Married a beautiful woman whom I think is perfectly suited for me and hopefully I am for her as well :)

Now its busy busy time preparing for the wedding and I think my wallet is the one thing that feels the pain most! hahaha... but then again... it IS getting lighter by the minute. Weddings are expensive! It is a very very expensive affair... everything costs money... cards, food, drinks, gifts, photos etc etc... no wonder so many people go into the wedding business!

Ah well... if I have time I will change the blog around a bit... its getting to boring looking...

till next time... ciao...

23 September 2010

Hello Blackberry Torch 9800

Precursor to this is that I am now officially old-er! 34! damn it I feel old...

Ah well... with age comes wisdom right? Now where is the magic pill I'm supposed to take to get that wisdom that I am supposed to have? :)

On the up side... My sisters and my friends got together and bought me a Blackberry Torch 9800! IT ROCKS!! :)

Wanna know what it looks like? Well here you go...

What function does it have? Well lets see... it does everything a blackberry should.. i.e. emails, BBM etc etc... and it combines the functionality of a touchscreen ala iphone :) So best of both worlds! and it also has a qwerty keyboard underneath if u don't feel like texting with the touch pad... :)

On top of the great present I got from friends I got another great gift from wifey to be! I got a 18-200 lense for the camera! The one I have been harping on to everyone and anyone that I should be getting for easy use and travel...
So all in all.... it was a great day! Woo Hoo...

11 August 2010

Cheesecake @ Macoys

I just had a lamb shank at Macoys just now and it was delicious!

If you are wondering why there is no photo of that but only my dessert well... All I can say is... I was hungry mar... :)

They had a dinner set which camew with mushroom soup, the lamb shank and choice of either cheesecake, chocolate cake or icecream. since we had 3 sets we had all 3 desserts! :) it was really good! It only cost me RM49.90 (I think so... Or was it 46.90?) For the set. Worth every cent imho!

Well good night folks... And to all my Muslim Friends... Selamat Berpuasa!
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22 July 2010

Its been a long time

Haven't really had the time to update this blog... been sort of dormant for a while. The reason? well... its cos I am now (for this legal year) the Perak Bar Blogmaster. I run the blog for Perak Bar and that entails me sourcing articles, news, updates and such for the blog for the benefit of the rest of the members.

Since I am the Perak Bar Blogmaster as well as the I.T. Committee chairman I started the Perak Bar Facebook Page as well as the Perak Bar Twitter account (@PerakBar). So been busy updating those that I barely have time to do my own stuff much less update my own blog.

On the bright side being busy is better than being bored! :)

Oh and for those who don't know... I'm getting hitched! :) The date for our wedding dinner is fixed for 1/10/2011. Invitations will be sent later... Its still some time away.

I think its time for me to get back to the other pile of work on my table. I can never seem to clear my table of the files at all! Which may be a good sign! hahaha... means I have work to do! Now all I have to do is to collect my bills...

Till next time... ciao

24 February 2010

Year of the Tiger

For those who want to know your luck and which type of zodiac animals are good for you :)

Apparently dragons need to be more mobile to improve my business :)

Oh and I hate being forced to do anything and I won't do it until I want to! :) ( how true!!) Heh heh

But I must beware n not lend money out n I may lose things along the way. (Hmm... So no soft loans out guys n gals!)

Ah well... The chart above shows which animals are good for u. 2nd column is for life partners n 3rd n 4th column is for business (I think?) My mandarin is basic at best :)

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19 November 2009

Perak Bar Annual Dinner 2009

Its the Perak Bar Annual Dinner tomorrow and we are going nuts preparing and finalising the stuff for tomorrow. So much work so little time to do. This is on top of our own work! Sigh... Its tiring...

I hope its a success after the epic failure of the performance last year (my fault I know... :( ) ah well... I really didn't know mar...

Let's hope we have a better one and let's win some prizes wei!! I wanna win something!

Raffle draw prize is a 32 inch panasonic TV. 1st prize is an Ipod Touch 8gb. 2nd prize is a Garmin Nuvi 205 GPS n 3rd prize is a 3 day 2 night stay in Bangkok.

4th is an Ipod Nano ,and 5th is a nikon camera! I want!!! Let's hope I be lucky for once! :)
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18 November 2009


My sisters and I have set up an online business that sells handbags and accessories. As you would probably note from the site www.stymylo.blogspot.com ; if you take the time to check it out, is that most of the stuff would be for women :) Hence you would then guess my involvement in the business... hahaha... :)

NOt really lar... My views have been taken into account for sure... (I hope!) and when it comes to Men's wear and accessories... its a tad bit more difficult. Guys usually don't go shopping online for a wallet or stuff like that do they? I may be mistaken of course...

Oh and if there is some bag/accessory you like or want and its not on the website you can email them directly and she will search for you. Preferably if there is a picture given would be better. Model and Brand number as well... :)

I know a few customers who have purchased the goods and no complains! All the goods are ORIGINAL but at a MUCH MUCH LOWER price! :) Cheaper than u would be able to find anywhere... So if thats not a good deal I don't know what is! :)

The site specialises in Italian Brands but many other brands are also available. So drop by for a visit and check it out! You won't be disappointed unless the bag you want is already sold!