09 September 2008

Getting Old-er

Today is the eve of my 32nd Birthday.... Yes... I'm turning 32... (Damn it!). I don't feel that old but I have been recently looking back on my own personal achievements or lack thereof. I've come to the conclusion that whilst some people have made their millions by the time the turn 25 I am far from it... really far... really really far... you get what I am trying to say...

However, I think (I hope) that I have made all the richer with the friends that I have met along the way and to some extent even the foes (though I don't remember to ever holding any grudge against anyone). I think they are ones who give me my colour (its yellow as in chinky yellow by the way :) ) and my background.

I don't think I am one to dwell on unhappiness and I believe I have a cheery disposition (though in recent times I've seen myself to be a bit grumpy... probably due to old age! :) )

I would like to just say that I'm glad to have you guys as my friends. I thank you for your putting up with me. I'm grateful that you have stuck with me through thick and thin (though I think I am always the thick and never the thin despite my efforts!! :)) Hahaha...

And so... I offer you my toast! To great friends and wonderful companions! Salute!