03 March 2009

Bangkok here I come!!!

I'm going to Bangkok! For a long awaited holiday...

I think I need one... :) Then again who doesn't? Hahaha

The original plan was for 12 of us to go there. Then as usual drama always follows... One couple had to pull out cos he had a slipped disc... so down to 10 then. A couple of weeks before the day, one other couple also pulled out cos they were going to Japan at the end of the month... So down to 8 of us then. Hotels booked! Tickets to BKK booked and paid for. Transport from Ipoh to LCCT booked n paid for too! THEN... disaster for Gavin... whilst playing badminton he apparently landed on his good leg (he already had an operation on the other leg before) and apparently the leg could not take the impact and weight and he now has a complete tear on his Acute Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and slight meniscal damage. This means that he can't walk yet and has to forsake the trip as well...

So the merry dozen is down to the merry “half-dozen” BUT I hope it will still be fun though... its been ages since I've been to BKK. Last time I went my sister was still studying there. I think it was like 2006? MBK here I come! Pork Burgers here I c

ome! Mmmmmm.... good..... :P

The best part is that the hotel that we';; be staying in is just like opposite MBK! Shopping and food galore!!

picture was taken in BKK by me in 2006 :)

Can't wait....3 more days to go!

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