08 May 2008

I'm a poker addict!

"Hi! My name is Ken and I am a poker addict"

"Hi Ken, welcome to Poker's Anonymous" would be the chorus of voices I hear in reply...

Ok... that would be the case IF there was a Poker's Anonymous AND IF I was really a poker addict (Still in denial!!).

By Poker here I mean the most popular game in recent times - Texas Hold-Em Poker. Its like the most exciting game out there rite now. Made popular of course in movies like "Rounders" and more recently in James Bond and the new series "Tilt".
Best starting hand in Texas Hold Em poker game

It has to be immensely popular if there is a world Series of Poker. Now on a side note, when you hear the words "world series" you would know for a fact that its an american thing and most likely 90% of the players would be Americans and no one else in the world is so excited about it nor do they play it. E.g. World Series Baseball, World Series Football (American Football and not the beautiful game of "soccer" - p.s. When u use your hands to throw a ball it CANNOT be called FOOTball!!!)

However, when it comes to Texas Hold Em poker... it is the exception rather than the general rule. Everyone plays it now or at elast knows how to do so. :) and fortunately or unfortunately I know how to play and I enjoy it too! (Damn! The chinaman gambler in me comes to fore!!)

The purpose of this post? Nothing much except to issue a warning to my fellow poker players (who recently took my money!) I'll be back to get my money... just you wait!! hahahhaa... now you've heard it here first! Gambler Ken is gunning for you.

Maybe I should change the blog's name to Gambler Ken Lai instead of Dragon... hmmm... food for thought!? :P

Probably it should have been,

"Hi, My name is Ken and I am a gambling addict!"...

sigh... what can I do? Its in my blood... I'm chinese... We LOVE gambling! rite? :P


Booker said...

et tu ken!???!??!?!?!

Yeayy! more poker kakis LOL

GlySinn said...

u look really hensem in yr new profile pic! 2 thumbs up.

I heart Sunshine said...

Dearie...you know I love you...but have to kutuk you a bit about your stab on the Americans for touting sporting events as "world series something", although I agree with you about the MLB championships being called "The World Series" when both teams playing are technically AMERICAN teams. I guess if you dissect the teams on a player basis, you would be very surprised to find the percentage of non-American players to be pretty high (some teams the non-Americans make the majority).

The "World Series of Football" is a tour of summer friendlies played between some MLS teams and other football ("soccer") teams from around the world that is played in the US. I believe you were thinking of the "Super Bowl" - I don't exactly know how they came up with the name...the NFL prolly had to come up with some macho sounding moniker in order to convince the players to bang each other up on the field in the name of being #1.

There is actually a lot of foreign participation in the WSP - the event we normally see on tv is the "Main Event" that's held annually in Las Vegas, maybe that's why it feels like the game is played only by Americans, ESPN probably biased lah...give more camera time to the US mali punya players...kakaka. WSP actually has satellite circuits in both the US and Europe, where winners are automatically qualified for the Main Event in Vegas.

So you see dearie...there is foreign participation in those sporting events with the "World" in them. :)

You can smack me for being a smart @ss when I see you...hahaha :)