26 December 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I know its been some time since I've updated my blog but circumstances dictated that I did not have time to do it (some others call this circumstances lazyness... but I disagree!) :)

Anyhow, the thing I have been busy doing is attending weddings and helping out at weddings and er.. attending weddings :)

LEt me just say that my friends LOVE to have weddings away from Ipoh! hahaha... But if it wasn't for their weddings at their respective out of town places... I may never have been there! :)

First we had Clarence and Suet Ling at the Andaman Langkawi! Beautiful Wedding... great looking beach with white sandy beaches (unfortunately cannot really swim cos a lot of rocks!). Congrats Clarence n Suet Ling aka Moi! hahaha... U 2 make a lovely couple and your theme was so apt... "FINALLY!" hahahah...

Then this was followed by Wei Han n Gaik in KL at the Maison? I can't remember the name but the place was beautiful! Great place to have a wedding party guys! U 2 looked good! From what I hear the later part of the party was even better! hahhaha... Shhh... I will not tell the world what u did Wei Han!! :) Congratulations to you 2 lovely people!

This was quickly followed by my Brother Gavin Tang and Evelyn's wedding in Ipoh and a week later in Kuching! This was the hectic one as I had been tasked to deliver his Best man speech... which I finally got it ALL done on the day of the wedding dinner at 4pm. Sorry lar bro.. dunno wat to say lar... u had me on such a tight leash on what I could and could not say... :P I think the dinner went well... It was new to see you cry (while sober I mean!) Hahahahaa :)

Then Kuching came along... All I thought I was supposed to do there was eat, drink, sleep and be merry... see see kena con into doing the co-emcee job and then kena con by co-emcee until i was emcee only! hahaha... I am such an easily conned fella lar... :) Kuching was great...for Kolo Mee! *Burp* "Kolo Mee...Cham Ang... Ai Kiaw" Wonder if that is right? hahahha... oh well... Still it was a nice wedding in Kuching... would have been better if I didn't have to do any work! heh heh :)
Congrats Gavin n Evelyn... U 2 make a lovely couple!

SO thats the travelogue so far... In between there were trips to KL for work and play :) a few malang car problems... stupid engine won't start after I got back from Kuching... bye bye RM1800... sigh... Then when I got back and sent my car for repainting of teh bonnet... byebye RM300 and then some fool knocked into the spare car n got it all dented at the back (luckily the fool had to pay for it...drunk at 2.2opm man!! on a Friday!) and then I went and scratched the car I just repainted the bonnet...on the side doors... 3 panels and repainting...sigh.,.. byebye RM500 again.... Fuck man...damn kau bad luck!

I need to go mandi bunga liao... now to search for 7 different types of bunga....

I will post up pics of my trips soon... :P

Oh yeah before I forget...


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