31 December 2008


Its the last day of the year... Time to reflect on your life so far.. time to prepare for the next year ahead!

I think this year has so far been good to me... :) Not much complaints (as opposed to complaining all the time! hahaha ) Of course it can ALWAYS be better right??

Lets see, what has happened this year? well...Ah well, as said in my previous post... a number of my buddies got married this year. Congrats guys n girls... Its my 2nd year in my own firm... so far so good :) Am seeing someone now... which is really good! :P

Went for paintball at Tanamera (which was great!), white water rafting and rope course (Fun but damned tiring!) hmm... is that all i did last year? seemed like more... better go check the photo albums to see if i missed out on anything...

Saw Man United lift the Champions League and English Premier League Throphy! :)

The bad for this year is that I lost an Aunt (Tua Ee... I hope you are well up there! Look out for us down here k? :) ) Miss you already! sigh... Lost a friend too... (Thina... hope u r doing good too up there... )

I am looking forward to next year though... It always seems to have lots of possiblities! I guess thats a good thing isn't it? Always look on the bright side of things! dum... di dum di dum di dum di dum! :P

My thoughts are a bit fragmented now... but I would like to just say to all my friends and family out there. My life wouldn't be as great as it is without you guys. One way or another you have made me who I am today! Love you all! May we have many many more years to come together!

SEE YA 2008! HELLO 2009!


oh btw... my new year resolution is to lose weight... sigh... BUT i LOVE to eat... how?? :(

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Booker said...

Happy New Year Kenny!

May it be a great one for everyone!