08 September 2009

Italy August 2009

Hi all! I just got back from Italy... well not just but its been a couple of weeks already. Just had to sort out the photos and also all the work that my 10 day absence had racked up... Had a busy 2 weeks in court as well... HEarings after hearings... Finally I have some time to blog about the trip. :)

The trip didn't really start on a great note cos we were delayed in Bangkok for about an hour n half which meant we had to really hurry when we reached Rome-Fiumincino airport to make our connecting flight to Genoa which was abt 4 hours later. With the delay we had like 2 hours or so to make the connecting. A lot of time you would think rite? but Noo.... we missed the damned flight. Rome airport luggage control is shite! bags took like 45 mins to come out! an dthen we had to run to teh next terminal and when we got there we were abt 10 mins beofre the last check in time. And teh 4 people in fornt of us that they took to process took 15 mins. By the time we were at counter we were told.. sorry gate closed. No exceptions.... vafan cuolo! (basically f#@$ you!). DEspite some frantic calls from my sister to speak to teh Italians... it was no good. We had to buy tickets to Milan as teh flight was abt 2 hours later... the next flight to Genoa was in the evening a good 9 hours later...
the empty Terminal C at the Rome Airport

Mum with all the luggage we were carrying

After all that, we finally got to Milan n then genoa. Tired but glad nonetheless! Oh before I forget, Thai Airways 747-400 sucks! One big screen only and even then the stupid sound system died! 12 hour flight without inflight entertainment! Luckily smart ol me brought his books, mp3 player as well as his trusty Archos AV player! :)

Our first meal at the Milan Airport!

I will update the rest of teh trip later! I'll leave you guys with acouple of photos :) Till later! Ciao!

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