31 July 2009

Perak Penang Bar Games 2009

Just came back over the weekend from Penang. AM so exhausted from dunno what.. probably lack of sleep and too much alcohol! :P

It was a fun trip. We stayed over at G Hotel. Very nice hotel. excellent location... right next to Gurney Plaza. They even gave us their own gelato upon checking in! And the minibar was complimentary and refilled everyday! good eh? :) Thanks to Wei Lin from Penang bar whose connection got us good rates.

The games went ok for me. Some games were called off beacuse some of our perak members could not make it for the trip and some were called off because the penang did not have enough players. But overall Penang beat Perak by 7-6. It was an impressive showing by Perak despite its numbers.

I even had to be called back into action as goalkeeper for the football match. Managed to keep a clean sheet and we beat Penang 1-0 with a spectacular free kick from Kiko! :P hahaha it was goooood!

Oh and we whipped PEnang in tennis as well... 3-0. So it was really good :P

for the full report and some more photos go to:-


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