01 July 2009


I've recently become a member of the Perak Turf Club tennis club and including my usual twice weekly tennis games at the Stadium courts I have been playing tennis almost 5 days a week now. The difference between the 2 places are that at the turf club, tennis is played on grass. :) Mind you, playing on grass is not that easy! Ok... maybe the courts we have here are not as well maintained as wimbledon courts but what the heck... its still a good surface to play on.

I count myself to be an above average player. I had lessons when I was young and was even assisting the coach in training the younger ones so not too bad lar... :P Played a few tournaments... only won the school ones never the state tourneys or PJ Open which I took part once. Kncoked out in the 1st round by some young ciku! Who later turned out to be a state junior champion!

What was I saying... oh ya... tennis on grass courts is not that easy to master. Sometimes the ball just doesn't bounce as high and the kick of the ball is sometimes irregular... serves that come in tend to slide. Now I know why the people who do well on this surface tends to serve and volley! Less chances of the ball bouncing differently and catching them off guard! :)

Got myself a new racquet as well... Babolat PureDrive... supposed to buy it from my sister's boyfriend but was informed that no need to buy cos his dad said to give it to me! YAY! Score! hahaha... thanks uncle! The last time I got myself a racquet was when I was erm... 19? so that would make it abt 14 years ago... so my racquets ARE dated! and no longer in production anymore! :)

Its good to play tennis again consistently though... one of the few things I am quite accomplished at. As in I can do almost everything the pros do but not as good! hahahha :P

Oklar... need to get back to work...


Booker said...

Nice to know you're good at something huh?

Does being good at buffets count?

If not, I have a lot of talent searching to do....

Ken said...

IF it is... then I have the same talent! hahaha :P