23 June 2009

Congratulations Kevin & Kathy

I attended a wedding over the weekend at the spanking new Tower Regency Hotel in Ipoh. The occasion of Kevin and Kathy's wedding. Congratulations mate! :)

Food was surprisingly good for a hotel function. Only downside to the whole affair was the blackouts ( I hope you got some discount from the hotel Kev!) It happened not once BUT TWICE! What is this man! Where are the back up generators? Heck! Where are the emergency lights? If it wasn't for the flashes and some people with torchlights the whole place would be in total darkness!

Ah well... some things are beyond the bride and groom's control. All in all, it was a fun evening with friends :) I heard there was even karaoke later after the dinner! The rooms looked nice though! :)

At any rate... My Heartiest Congratulations to the Wedded couple Kevin & Kathy. May you have a wonderful life ahead together and may there be the sound of the pitter patter of little feet soon!

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