02 June 2009

Lasek Surgery

For those who don't know, I just had my Lasek eye surgery last Tuesday. It was well... painless ( Thank God!) :)I have been meaning to do this surgery for teh last 2 years but have always seem to be putting it off... for one reason or another. I guess the excuse always was that the surgery had to be done in Penang or KL and never in Ipoh. Now that Optimax is in Ipoh and surgeries can be done on site I think I just ran out of excuses...

So off I went one fine afternoon after court and got myself in there for an eye check up. That took about 10 mins plus another 30 mins of explaining the various technologies and techniques for the laser eye surgery.

Found out after the eye check up that I had somewhat thin corneas and high power so the only procedure available to me was LASEK surgery (Not Lasik) wich is actually an acronym of Laser-Assisted Subepithelial Keratomileusis... yeah a mouthful! :)

Basically the main difference between the Lasik and Lasek is that the do not make any incisions on my flap... (I know! INCISIONS!??) haha... What they do for Lasek is that they put a ring on your eye (you can't feel a darn thing at that time) and they pour some drops of 20% alcohol on the eye. and leave it there for about 30 seconds or so and then after the wash it with saline, they then proceed to peel back your eye flap (yes peel like orange! - but again... bo pain at all... no feeling at all actually!) and then after they do that well they laser your corneas for about 26 seconds on my right eye and 23 seconds on my left. And then they wash your eyes with some really cold saline and then they roll the flap back and add a extended wear contact lens and lo n behold its DONE! Total time for surgery = 2 mins per eye. (but plus cleaning etc it would take abt 10 mins more or so) Total prep time = 1 hour before surgery. and then you rest for about half an hour and then the doc checks your vision etc and u r done! Can't drive back though cos the eyes would be very photo sensitive.

The next week or so is a series of eye drops and artificial tears. Never been more "sensitive" in my life before! Always crying! hahha :)

Now its aweek later and they just removed my contacts from the eyes. Vision is slightly blurry still but I am assured that they would improve in the next few days. Oh and I am still "sensitive" thought not as much cos I only have to drop the tears in whenever i feel its dry. :)

Was it worth it? I'll let you guys know in a week or so. All I can say that its a relieve to know that I may not have to wear my spectacles again... for the near future anyway! :)

For more information you could check out www.optimax.com.my

If you do want to do it... say I recommended ok... there is an introducer fee given to me! hahaha rm100 only lar... haha i need to pay for my surgery too right! :)


Gerrie said...

Wooooo....am a bit "geli" after reading about the procedure...cannot stop imagining having my corneas peeled like an orange. :) Let me know how it turns out. I've always thought of getting my eyes fixed, but scared lah....need some major hand holding.

Ken said...

Well so far its going good now :) feels much better now in the sense that things are getting clearer. PRevious 2 weeks it was like I can see things BUT its a bit hazy... Hopefully it will be really clear soon! :P