18 June 2009

Tanjung Tualang - UPDATED

Over the last weekend, abunch of friends and I decided to go over to Tanjung Tualang for Dinner. This plan had been on the back burner for like 6 months already but we finally did it! AND it was GOOOOD!

If you didn't really know yet I am not a huge fan of prawns (the bigger the better!) BUT the prawns we had... all 4 kgs worth of it was really really really fresh and succulent. We had it steamed with chinese wine as well as coeked in oil... wow!

I promise to add photos in once I get my lazy ass to download the same from my camera and put them up... :)

WE also had fish, sotong, Crabs, oyster pancakes (Oh Chien), taufu and fried rice. Of all the food we had, I was disappointed with the fried rice and oyster pancakes. Friend rice was not salty enough and lacked the oomph whilst the Oyster pancakes were too oily and had too much flour...

UPDATE! The pictures of food as promised:-

Orh Chien



Prawns fried in Oil

Steamed Prawns

Chillies and lime
The drinks we brought
Fried Rice
Sweet and Sour Crabs
Sambal Paku Vegetables

Oh an dthe total bill for us costs us erm... RM550 I think (wait i have the receipt as well...) for 12 of us. Not too bad lar right?

Best part of the night? I didn't have to drive! :P hahahha.. eat sleep and be merry. What a life!

Ok till I download the photos... tata! - done!


studio said...

Rm550..wa lau.. very expensive leh, somemore the udang galah very small plate lah, come to KL kepong, you only pay half the price, hehehe

Ken said...

Well... its for 2 tables i.e. 2 plates and the total prawns available that night was 4kgs! SO I doubt u can find anything that cheap in KL Kepong :)

But I stand to be corrected :P