03 June 2009

My new Phone!

I was looking at my previous entries and I've just come to realise that I have been very remiss with my postings. I should update my blog more often. :) I will try to... I promise...

ANyhow... I got myself a new phone!! Yay!! Well actually my sis got me a new phone! Thanks Ann! :P

I was previously using a Blackberry Curve 8300 and then a Curve 8310 which actually both look the same. Only difference is that the 8310 has the GPS function which I have used a total of ermm... 1 time? :) I don't really need to find my way with a gps in ipoh you know? hahaha

Heres is a picture of my previous phone! I love it!

Now here is a picture of my latest phone! I love it even more! Woo Hoo!

GPS and WIFI enabled. ONly thing missing from it is the 3G which I have not found a cause to really use it so nvm lor.. :)

Why use a blackberry? Well for one I can blackberry messenger my sis in Italy for free... well not really free but using my data services. which is a heck of a lot cheaper than RM0.50 per message!

I hear now that DIGI may come up with blackberry as well? Hopefully its cheaper. If it was cheaper everyone would sign up with DIGI for the unlimited data package. Now I'm paying something like RM30 for the Blackberry Internet Service and another RM20 for the 5MB data plan. If I wanted the unlimited plan I will have to pay RM138. MAxis is killing me man... and lately the blackberry service sucks! I wonder how it is on Celcom?

Ah well... only in time will I ever know... :)


leesh said...

I really want a Blackberry.

Ann said...

Blackberry was the best invention ever!! I don't know how to go back to any other phones. BBMessenger is the reason I got all of you a BB!!! Leesh...go get one! you won't regret it!!

Ken said...

Leesh: Get one! It is quite agood phone actually :) I thought your firm provides one for all of you? :) Only problem may be that u are accessible via email everywhere you go... of course u can choose to ignore emails till you get back to office but it at least gives you the option of replying emails that are urgent :)