10 June 2009


Apathy... that is what Perak BAr members have in common... The Perak BAr Spcial Committee which I am not in charge of this year but part of is organising a Treasure Hunt slated for the 20th June this month. After months of preparation etc... it may just come to a waste of our time and effort. Why you say? Well... to date there is only ONE (1), Uno, Satu, Yi car signed up for it which is mine (4 of us). Probably can get another one or 2 more cars to confirm. That is shy of our great target of... wait for it!... TEN (10) cars!

I just never understand it... everything is done for them, all they have to do is probably pay some money and attend! Even that they cannot do? Whats wrong with them lar... Sometimes it becomes a waste of time to even think of anything to do for the Perak Bar...

Perak Bar does NOT care for anything or anyone else except themselves... and when I say Perak Bar I saya majority of them.. NOT all but a huge percentage of them. There a few who are selfless and non-apathetic (Is this even a word??).

Ah well... I guess one gets used to it...

2nd rant today is about the sports committee which I am in charge. I literally have to beg ppl to take part in sports... Its like I have nothing better to do in my life. Other than the usual suspects the rest of the Perak Bar does not participate in sports in one way or the other! Heck if you can't play the sport... support those who do! Thats the least you can do...wait... I stand corrected... you can sit at home and do nothing (THAT would be the least they could do!!)

As it stands.. I have problems finding convenors for volleyball, netball (the only women's sport in teh games) and FOOTBALL! (it is supposed to be the most important game of the Perak-Penang annual games) Now no one wants to play the sport at all! Wat lar....

sigh... apathy... thy name is Perak Bar!

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