31 December 2008


Its the last day of the year... Time to reflect on your life so far.. time to prepare for the next year ahead!

I think this year has so far been good to me... :) Not much complaints (as opposed to complaining all the time! hahaha ) Of course it can ALWAYS be better right??

Lets see, what has happened this year? well...Ah well, as said in my previous post... a number of my buddies got married this year. Congrats guys n girls... Its my 2nd year in my own firm... so far so good :) Am seeing someone now... which is really good! :P

Went for paintball at Tanamera (which was great!), white water rafting and rope course (Fun but damned tiring!) hmm... is that all i did last year? seemed like more... better go check the photo albums to see if i missed out on anything...

Saw Man United lift the Champions League and English Premier League Throphy! :)

The bad for this year is that I lost an Aunt (Tua Ee... I hope you are well up there! Look out for us down here k? :) ) Miss you already! sigh... Lost a friend too... (Thina... hope u r doing good too up there... )

I am looking forward to next year though... It always seems to have lots of possiblities! I guess thats a good thing isn't it? Always look on the bright side of things! dum... di dum di dum di dum di dum! :P

My thoughts are a bit fragmented now... but I would like to just say to all my friends and family out there. My life wouldn't be as great as it is without you guys. One way or another you have made me who I am today! Love you all! May we have many many more years to come together!

SEE YA 2008! HELLO 2009!


oh btw... my new year resolution is to lose weight... sigh... BUT i LOVE to eat... how?? :(

26 December 2008

Busy Busy Busy

I know its been some time since I've updated my blog but circumstances dictated that I did not have time to do it (some others call this circumstances lazyness... but I disagree!) :)

Anyhow, the thing I have been busy doing is attending weddings and helping out at weddings and er.. attending weddings :)

LEt me just say that my friends LOVE to have weddings away from Ipoh! hahaha... But if it wasn't for their weddings at their respective out of town places... I may never have been there! :)

First we had Clarence and Suet Ling at the Andaman Langkawi! Beautiful Wedding... great looking beach with white sandy beaches (unfortunately cannot really swim cos a lot of rocks!). Congrats Clarence n Suet Ling aka Moi! hahaha... U 2 make a lovely couple and your theme was so apt... "FINALLY!" hahahah...

Then this was followed by Wei Han n Gaik in KL at the Maison? I can't remember the name but the place was beautiful! Great place to have a wedding party guys! U 2 looked good! From what I hear the later part of the party was even better! hahhaha... Shhh... I will not tell the world what u did Wei Han!! :) Congratulations to you 2 lovely people!

This was quickly followed by my Brother Gavin Tang and Evelyn's wedding in Ipoh and a week later in Kuching! This was the hectic one as I had been tasked to deliver his Best man speech... which I finally got it ALL done on the day of the wedding dinner at 4pm. Sorry lar bro.. dunno wat to say lar... u had me on such a tight leash on what I could and could not say... :P I think the dinner went well... It was new to see you cry (while sober I mean!) Hahahahaa :)

Then Kuching came along... All I thought I was supposed to do there was eat, drink, sleep and be merry... see see kena con into doing the co-emcee job and then kena con by co-emcee until i was emcee only! hahaha... I am such an easily conned fella lar... :) Kuching was great...for Kolo Mee! *Burp* "Kolo Mee...Cham Ang... Ai Kiaw" Wonder if that is right? hahahha... oh well... Still it was a nice wedding in Kuching... would have been better if I didn't have to do any work! heh heh :)
Congrats Gavin n Evelyn... U 2 make a lovely couple!

SO thats the travelogue so far... In between there were trips to KL for work and play :) a few malang car problems... stupid engine won't start after I got back from Kuching... bye bye RM1800... sigh... Then when I got back and sent my car for repainting of teh bonnet... byebye RM300 and then some fool knocked into the spare car n got it all dented at the back (luckily the fool had to pay for it...drunk at 2.2opm man!! on a Friday!) and then I went and scratched the car I just repainted the bonnet...on the side doors... 3 panels and repainting...sigh.,.. byebye RM500 again.... Fuck man...damn kau bad luck!

I need to go mandi bunga liao... now to search for 7 different types of bunga....

I will post up pics of my trips soon... :P

Oh yeah before I forget...