02 April 2008

A Deranged Bunny is addictive!

UPDATED! ~ found new pic of a deranged bunny!! :P
Crazee Deranged looking bunny!! haha~~

Now what does that mean? I don't really know... I was challenged by Bunny to write a blog about this and the winner... well initially was set to marry her or rather she would marry him. But almost as soon as she said it she changed her mind to say that she would only buy dinner! So rising up to the challenge is I, DragonKenLai the conqueror of er... let me get back to you on that!

How does a deranged bunny addictive? Well... you start by taking one bunny. Any kind would do. Now add in a little insanity and a little craziness and now you have the deranged part down pat! The most crucial part of this concoction is the addictive part. You have to find something which would make it addictive. For this you could always try the game you play with babies where you hide your face and then show it and go "chak!" ( I know you all remember it!) So there you have it! A deranged bunny which is addictive!!

So go forth my friends and "Chak!" your other friends.

Oh btw, Bunny... you owe me dinner! :P

The pic i found on the net just by typing deranged bunny. I believe its copyrighted to a Tamara _
K of dreamstime.com.

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Ryn said...

Haro Mr Kenny,

U blog now, its so kewl. ;-)