02 April 2008

Khalwat laws for non muslims? Diu lor!

Did you hear? 2 groups have called for the implementation of khalwat laws on non muslims. They say that "to be fair" the non muslim partners of muslims caught for khalwat should be charged in a civil court. WHAT??? UTTER NONSENSE!!

Can you believe the shit coming out of these fellows mouths? Don't they know that khalwat is a crime ONLY in Islamic law! If I am not of the faith then why should I be subject to the laws? Its akin to saying that if you go to India where a majority of the people there are Hindus and you eat beef you should charged in court as well? Now do you see how nonsensical that sounds?

These fellows have to get a life! Do they wake up in the morning and sit on their toilet bowl and go "hmm... who should I target today... Lets go F**K some chinaman and indian fellas life up!" yeah... lets do that! gets up, wipe his ass (or maybe not) cos the shit is coming out of his mouth! and writes a proposal to amend laws?

Diu lei lar! Whole family dead lar you! Hit your old lung!

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sigh... back to square one again. The Federal Constitution provides for us to practice any religion we like and nowhere is it stated that we are an Islamic country, we are a country where Islam is the main religion. BIG difference! Multi racial and multi cultural! So don't impose your laws on me! I don't subscribe to them!!! So leave ME ALONE!!!!

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