02 April 2008

Do all women think they are fat?

I'm sure you guys have heard this line before, "I'm fat already... so I don't wanna eat anymore!" OR "I'm getting so fat already!" - the problem is that this usually comes from the skinniest and svelte looking women out there. Are they just trying to rub it in or something? Or do they REALLY think that they are fat!?

I have to say though the term "fat" is a relative term. I have always said.. hey if u think you are fat... stand next to me and you will look so much slimmer! (Maybe this is a ploy by me to get hot looking women to stand next to me? hahaha... I dunno... never really thought about it... doesn't really work anyway!)

I have never really met a girl who doesn't think she is fat. Why lar? If you are too skinny... nothing to hold leh... If I wanted to hold a stick... I'll get a broom. At least then, mum will be happy when I sweep the floor! :P

Seriously girls, you are NOT fat! Er... and if you really are... you are NOT THAT fat lar... hahaha. Self esteem 101 class! :P Is this how skinny you really wanna be?

I think this is how you see yourself! don't you think so?

Anyhow, I think somewhere in between is just right! As long as you are comfortable with yourself and how you look... oklar! :P

Oh and please do stand next to me more often! I'm sure it will enhance your "skinny-ness". Heck to really make sure... you can sit on my lap! hahahhaaha... offer is always open. Apply here!

Have a nice day ladies!
Go eat your lunch/dinner now!

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