01 April 2008

Is this Right? Is it Wrong?

I was speaking to a friend DW the other day and the conversation of the things guys do to attract or rather to woo (I have always found this word to be strange but what the heck do I know rite?) the opposite sex.

There are some who talk a lot of cock about themselves and how great they are... There are also some who talk about how rich and powerful they are... There are even some who lie about who they are!

Now the pertinent question that first springs to our minds would be "Is this right?" in the sense that should we as guys be doing such things? I believe that the question should be "Is this wrong?". That would be a better question! Don't you think so?

Now... we have always been taught to put our best foot forward. Show your best side! hide your worst side. So shouldn't or wouldn't that sorta imply that if you were great, rich AND powerful you should tell the world about it!? Especially the opposite sex sitting in front of you?

I don't know.. to me I think its wrong... well not exactly wrong but more like un-classy or no class ( I think the correct word would be crass) WTF! My English has really gone to the dogs! Its the stupid speak in Bahasa Malaysia in courts that has made me so... Not my fault!! really wan...
Having said that... I can still forgive someone who is ACTUALLY rich, powerful and great telling me that they are (or rather telling the opposite sex). It would be crass BUT it would still be the truth!

Now, moving on to the lying sonofabitch! If you are not, you are NOT! don't make up stories about it rite?! Its not hard to find out things if one really wants to... trust me.. with the power of the internet and the "chi cha-ness" of people... the truth is bound to surface! And once that does, there is no turning back! Nothing you can say can undo that mistake! You won't be able to "tau" what has been said. Its like a rat being caught in a cage. No way out. Just wait for death! (especially if the one metering out the "death" penalty is a woman! "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" ~ Shakespeare said it best! And I hold it to be true. I have seen the murderous eyes, the death grip and the psycho look! ( yes its you... :P you know who you are!)

Do I blame her? No I don't... I can understand it... Lying to get a chick to be with you cannot work! Unless you are looking for a one night stand with a stranger! How could you do that to a friend of umpteenth years? Its first of all not right and definitely its not on! But I guess its not my place to say anything. People do what they want if they feel that it is right for them and unfortunately or fortunately you have to live with the consequences of such actions. You my friend have become the epitome of a dead rat! or rather a trapped one with no way out!

My first blog post is dedicated to my sis Jen who I never knew had a blog for so long until the other day! And of course you the crazed, psycho woman with the death grip and looks that kill! (yes its you! hahahah~ no offence ok?!) and of course Bunny! Chak!


Bitch-on-a-rampage said...

ok, maybe I am a little bit.
Except that I have yet to foam at my mouth....

Ken said...

well its not you :P So no worries! :P