07 April 2008

Do nice guys finish last?

I first put this topic up on my facebook where I asked this question. I think it then boiled down to the wonderful world of love...or lack thereof. I had a myriad of answers which I of course argued for the topic. In the end I concluded that in most cases they do. However in recent conversations with a friend over the MSN - this topic came up again. The friend confirmed my conclusion. That I felt was indeed a sad situation... Why lar u women so like that wan? :P

Let me just say that there were arguments against the statement and the argument centered around the fact that the women tend to go for the "wild" or "happening" guys who almost always didn't treat them very well... and they would realise it later on and change/switch to the "safer" and "dependable" nice guys. Is this true? And if thats the case then has the nice guy finished last?

Now some have said that the fact that the girl "realises" that the nice guy is the one she wants to end up with is a fact that the nice guys do not finish last. My argument is that the nice guy (NG) IS the last choice, isn't it? and hence he has finished LAST! not first not second (unless there are only 2 people running the race! :) )

Some have pointed out that I am pessimistic... This may be true but nothing has been done or said to change my mind or "un-pessimise"?? (i doubt there is such a word! but writers prerogative!) me at all...

In fact, from what I have seen and gathered it has reinforced my believes as well as strengthened my argument! ah well... woe is the nice guy! how they "suffer the slings and arrows of this outrageous fortune, and by opposing... end them" ~ Shakespeare in Hamlet. (If my memory serves me right).

Ah well... there is nothing much we can do about it isn't it? NG will always end up with the short end of the stick no matter what they do because they are too nice for their own good. They are always there when u need them. Always a shoulder to cry on. Always listens to your rants and raves. Always offers good advice. BUT Always never on the radar for the girl! with caveat of course... until they finished with the bad boys then they will look for the NG. SO I guess thats the only hope the NGs have!

Do you agree or not? Don't just argue for the sake of arguing. Really ask yourself this question ladies... I'm sure you always have that one guy friend who is the best kinda guy who has everything u wish u had in a guy BUT u will never consider as bf potential. Why eh?


Booker said...

Dear Dragon,

Last, first, the point is the Nice Guy get's picked, the BadBoy gets dumped. Yes, the Nice Guy often has to wait a little, but patience my friend.... did they not say that good things come to those who wait?


Ken said...

Well, Booker babe!

It just reinforced waht I just said that nice guys finish LAST! after everything then only they see the NG! never before that!

Booker said...

Dear Dragon,

The point is that the Nice Guys finish!!! Would you rather they play the field and BECOME one of the Bad Boys? The ones who NEVER finish at all?!?!

I'd rather be NICE and know that I'll finish, rather than a BADBOY who rushes ahead and gets lost along the way..... Reminds me of a certain Aesop's fable..

Bitch-on-a-rampage said...

I think the "nice guy" phenomenon happens with girls as well. Most guys do not go for the nice girls. they go for the hot ones, the ones they can show off as trophy gfs, the ones where their friends go HUBBA HUBBA. Then when they get dumped, they go to nice girls for comfort. But when opportunity comes along for another hot chick, they leave the nice girl. Alls fair in love and war.

Booker said...

Ha ha I agree with you there err (hmm at first wanted to call u "bitch-on-a-rampage" but it was kinda long... so i thought ok... initials... which kinda spelt "boar" which wasnt very nice... so was in a bit of a pickle... but now that I've reiterated my dillemma and we all know with whom I'm agreeing with, I am happy).... same affliction for Nice Girls and the trophy gf thing couldnt be truer...